Fullblood Kikos - Is There Any Such Thing?

We are sometimes asked if we sell "100% Kikos" or "Fullblood Kikos".

The answer is NO, and nobody else does either, at least, not within the meaning that term has in the larger livestock breeding world. During the entire time of its development in New Zealand, the Kiko was an open nucleus breed - there was no such thing a "fullblood" Kiko. The widely publicized claims that NZ Kiko operations were at some point closed to outside animals are incorrect, according to breed founder Garrick Batten.

IKGA claims to have "fullbloods" - we believe that this terminology misleads prospective buyers. NKR and AKGA use the term "100% New Zealand" to refer to an animal supposedly directly descended from Kikos imported from New Zealand. We also find the use of this term unfortunate, since it implies that such animals are "100% Kiko" when in fact, there is no such thing.

We sell NKR "100% NZ," purebred and percentage Kikos.