Demand for certain kinds of animals sometimes exceeds supply. We use a competitive process during the initial sales period to allocate goats when multiple buyers want the same animals. If you want to purchase goats from us during the initial sales period in 2017, please read these instructions carefully. General sales of remaining stock will start after August 1 in order of receipt of deposit. Please email or call before sending a deposit.


The purpose of the initial selection round is to decide who gets a goat that more than one person wants, while making it easier to assemble larger orders that can be prepared, permitted, and shipped together. We will put the available stock on the website by the end of the day on July 24. In order to participate in this initial selection round, we must receive your emailed order no later than July 30.

SELECTION: Between July 24 and July 30, choose goats from the sale list that you would like to buy. List acceptable alternates in order of preference. In case of no acceptable alternates being available for part of the order, please indicate whether a partial order is acceptable. Make sure you tell us what goats you want by the end of the day on July 30.

PRIORITY: Orders will be ranked by total value of the order when more than one order includes the same goat. Orders that are not filled due to stock going to a higher ranked order will have their ranking adjusted based on the value of the first choice and alternate goats that are accepted and available. We will attempt to find alternates that suit your needs whenever possible.

DEPOSIT PAYMENT: We will send notification of winning orders on July 31. After receiving notification you must send us at least 50% of the list price of all of the goats in your order, and it must be received by August 10. If we do not receive your deposit by August 10, the stock may be offered to other customers.

COMBINED ORDERS: Orders that commit to ship together with any required permits and veterinary inspection and testing also done together will get priority in ranking as though they were one order. Individual orders within that group will be prioritized by size of order within the group. Communication between members of a group is encouraged so you don't end up competing within your group for the same goats. We are happy to do what we can to help connect you to other customers in your area or region for this purpose. This also cuts down on your costs if permits and veterinary work are needed. We pass these costs on to the customer, and the fixed costs of permits and veterinary visits are lower if split between larger numbers of goats.

PERMITS AND TRANSPORT COSTS: Veterinary work, permits, inspection fees, and transport are the responsibility of the buyer unless other arrangements are made. We usually get the veterinary work and state import permits done and pass the costs on in addition to the price of the goats. We do the same for the export side of Canadian permitting. These costs are not included in the prices listed on the website. These costs must be paid along with any remaining balance on the purchase price before the goats are picked up or shipped. We can usually help arrange transport. If you are going to participate in the initial selection, we would like to work out as much of this in advance with you as possible, so please let us know how we can best assist you.

If you have any comments or questions please email us at: kiko@lookoutpointranch.com